Small Business Marketing Company

Buddingh & Associates has been helping clients reach their business potential since 1994 and is led by Jeanne and David Buddingh. Running a business that helps other local businesses thrive is a dream come true for Jeanne and David. Passionate about helping small businesses as well as their community, they understand not only the many obstacles of running a small business, but also the satisfaction of watching a small business become a successful part of the local economy.

Along with helping small businesses improve their bottom line, B&A believe that improving their community is an essential part in creating and growing a successful business. B&A has used this core belief to help assist many clients in finding the right role that pairs the client’s unique abilities and passion with areas of need in their community. 

Client Policy

B&A only works with one client per industry so it can be a true and singular advocate in searching out business potential for its clients. Jeanne and David have devised this unique strategy to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. “Our only goal is to make each client more successful - and we can only do that by being devoted to their success,” says Jeanne. “That means, we back one client per industry and do whatever it takes to help the entrepreneur grow.”

Small Business Marketing Naperville 

B&A was built to be an advisor that always has the best interests of the clients in mind. Jeanne and David have the firsthand knowledge of what it takes to run a successful small business, having grown their own company over the past twenty years. David and Jeanne maintain that their most successful moment since opening B&A has been watching their client, My Chef Catering; win the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the year award.


B&A is also proud to have won the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year 1 – 5 Employees award.